This would be me. Excuse the messy background.

This would be me. Excuse the messy background.

Official stuff…

I am a twenty-something writer of all sorts.

I have written mini stories for as long as I can remember. My favourite was The Mummy : a short handwritten story complete with a colourful drawing of a dead Egyptian.

I finished writing a 100,000 word book at the age of eighteen. Or twenty. I can’t remember which. I read it recently and thought that it was kind of crap.

Since 2011, I’ve been published on HerUni.com, Candid Magazine (in print too!), Pillow Magazine, The 405, Milky Tea Kid, Wonderland Magazine, Bitchy Online UK, Freedom Spark.

I am currently the web editor of Purple Revolver, based in Liverpool.

My first face-to-face interview was with Gabriella Cilmi. She was a sweetheart.

The letters BA can officially follow my name. My degree was in English Literature and Spanish. I much preferred the English Lit to Spanish.

Books are probably my first love. Then music. Then films. Then fashion. Maybe fashion comes in earlier? A mix of all of them is perfection.

I created and directed two short films when I was eighteen. Sometimes I wonder whether I should have continued with Film Studies. It was my top subject in A Level.

I can speak Spanish. Obviously.

Other stuff…

I want to travel to Australia in 2016 for a year. I have also planned (in my head) the route back to England – the long way.

I am currently living back at home with a little bit of the post-grad blues.

I miss living in London. A lot.

University was the best four years of my life. Apart from 2010 – that was the best year ever.

I’ve been a shot girl, PR and meet and greet girl abroad. Experiences of the summer lifestyle could probably fuel a novel or a lot of blog posts.

I don’t like wearing make-up a lot of the time. It has to be a heels and dress kinda occasion.

Did I mention I love books?

If you would like to get in contact with me about anything, visit the Contact page which has my email.

P.S. Visit my sister site all about travel: Fayebeline Goes Abroad.


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